Sometimes I Feel Sad

My second children's book for Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Sometimes I Feel Sad is a little book for small people who aren't always happy. 

Publisher's blurb

Feeling sad is, unfortunately, a part of everyone's life, and there's not always an easy fix. This touching book helps explain to children aged 5+ that they're not alone in feeling this way, and is especially useful for children who struggle to express their feelings.

Sample pages



This is a really simple book, but an important one for me personally. After I'd done it, I realised it was the most honest thing I'd ever written. It made me wonder if children's books were what I was meant to be doing all along.

It's also the only time I've consciously ever sat down to draw anything, knowing it would be seen by other people. 


I made these short animated promos to help market the book.