I Love Film 400ISO

Photography’s one of those things that I’m not sure I like, but have an abiding interest in. Mostly this manifests in obsessively searching reviews, but sometimes I will actually take pictures. I’m still unsure where I stand on the film vs digital divide, but when I feel like the former I’ve been using an Olympus Trip 35.

Until now I’ve mainly shot black and white using Ilford HP5, which hasn’t quite had the contrast I would like. I’m going to try XP2 next, but in the meantime bunged a roll of colour film I bought from the great shop at The Photographer’s Gallery in Soho.

Unfortunately, I’ve thrown away the box and I could have sworn it was branded as I Love Film, but searches for the brand have come up with nothing. Next time I’m in the west end, I’ll have a look. It accentuates reds and yellows, although not as much as I was expecting. I shot the entire roll on what I was assured would be the last sunny day of the year.