London, UK. 29th March 2019 

“Filling in forms is fun” says the author of 
Forms – The nation’s favourite paperwork.



Forms is the first book from Second Class Irregulars – an innovative new publishing project run by author, artist and designer Tom Alexander

It’s a new kind of activity book containing 30 forms for readers to fill in, ranging from selling your soul (for cash or services) to declaring a cold war on your friends and colleagues. Written with a caustic eye for detail, the book is funny, unusual and self-revelatory. 

Having previously worked for the NHS, the court service and a local authority, the author has years of bureaucratic experience. “I think forms are the wallpaper of our lives,” he says. “In writing Forms, I wanted to take this mundane, boring thing that’s so familiar and make it funny and weird.

“Filling in the forms is kind of silly, but it also makes you think about who you are and what’s important to you – even when the context is something ridiculous, like building a nuclear reactor in your back garden, or registering as a pro-wrestler. Also, I like the idea of publishing a book that makes readers do at least half the work.” 

The release of Forms marks a new phase for Second Class Irregulars, which up until now has been an invitation-only mailing list. Tom’s work frequently takes the familiar and twists it into something weird and fantastical Previous ‘irregulars’ have included a satanic hat, a set of chewing gum parables and a top-shelf magazine for rodents. A gallery of some of the previous releases can be found at:

With 30 unique pieces of paperwork in total, Forms is a unique title and the perfect gift for any aspiring bureaucrat. 

Book details

Forms – The nation’s favourite paperwork

ISBN 978-1-9160373-0-4

RRP £9.99

Publication date 2/4/19

Available to order direct from or via Amazon.


Digital review copy available here:

For further enquiries or to request a physical review copy please contact:

Tom Alexander

07595 883 715

Full contents:

1.     Application to Secede

2.     Artistic Licence Application 

3.     Benefits Application

4.     Cloud Cuckoo Land – Application For Residency

5.     Declaration of Cold War

6.     Disease of the Month Club

7.     Drug Mule Application

8.     Euphemistic Medical Form

9.     Licence to Print Money

10.  Life Exchange Application

11.  Multiple Personality Registration

12.  New Airline Registration

13.  Nuisance Neighbour Form

14.  Outrageous Claim Form

15.  Permission to Quit the Gym (Like a Bitch)

16.  Permission to Create a Scene

17.  Permission to Riot

18.  Planning Permission Request (Hard Water Nuclear Reactor)

19.  Proposal for a New Alphabet

20.  Provisional License to Kill 

21.  Pro Wrestler Registration

22.  Quick and Easy Voodoo

23.  Register a New Religion

24.  Report of a Break-In

25.  Repossession Notice

26.  School of Hard Knocks Postgraduate Registration

27.  Seance-by-Mail

28.  Sell Your Soul

29.  Shirk Permit

30.  Temporary Visa to Hell